No strong foundation, you doomed

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No strong foundation, you doomed


Nhlalwenhle Ncube-Sithole

THE longevity of everything in life is evaluated on one single factor, its foundation. The stronger it is, the longer it will stay. And this holds very true in the case of relationships as well. You need to think of a relationship like constructing a house.

You always start at the bottom by laying a strong foundation, followed by building its structure, the walls, the pillars, and so forth. Once you know that the structure is safe, you can move on to the other details like the colour of the house, the interiors, the furniture and the amenities and finally the spirit of the house which makes it complete. Same applies to relationships, never expect miracles, but make sure you get it right on the foundation.

The nature of a romantic relationship is extremely dynamic. Thanks to the countless different circumstances the two partners are posed with, the relationship is bound to change continuously. But with strong foundation you are ready to roll and the infinite ups and downs that both the partners experience makes the relationship stronger.

Let me remind you that there is nothing like being a perfect partner (it’s only an illusion). A relationship keeps evolving every single day and you need to adapt to the changes, the challenges and always ensure that your efforts to keep your loved one happy and secure are consistent. It’s a must for everyone in a relationship to give it her best behaviour and let love live.

If you are not careful in relationships, you can easily get carried away with someone’s weak points. That’s human nature that the bad actions are easily remembered as compared to good ones. Do not concentrate on how much your partner annoys you. When you spend more time with someone, you can easily find a zillion habits that can drive you mad. It’s these tiny, sweet-sour fights that either build or break a relationship. Therefore, never obsessively dwell on each other’s flaws.

Always remember that actions speak louder than words. This saying applies to everything in life, quite literally. It definitely is a nice gesture to appreciate your partner’s work or nature, but you ought to express it as well. Do not just say this and that, but make your actions do the talking. Even what you think is a small thing, it can make a great deal of a change in a relationship.

Always prefer to empathise with your partner and not resort to showing sympathy. It’s important that your partner realises that you are there, by their side. Try and picture yourself in their shoes, it’s going to make your bond stronger instantly. If you feel nothing is working, then just look into their eyes. It will help you connect with your partner’s emotions.

Paying attention to your partner gives them a sense of comfort and assures them that you are going to be there for them, no matter what. It’s always ideal to believe that if you could do something today for your partner and make them happy, then nothing should stop you from doing it. It is bound to change the course of your relationship in a positive way. Of course, it’s understandable that paying attention all the time isn’t practical. You need to instil that feeling in him that he matters to you. Once you do this, the road becomes less rocky to travel on.

With the strong foundation, you have to continue working on yourself as well. If you are emotionally stable and in control of your thoughts and expressions, it will get easier to look after the other person and keep them happy. Your positive vibes will naturally be transferred to your partner as well. Because your vibe attracts your tribe.

And remember one thing, you being in a relationship does not mean that you need to focus only on your partner and the relationship. Never stop working on yourself. Everyone is work in progress, so work on yourself to become a better person Explore what keeps you happy and learn something new. Ultimately, all these experiences will only contribute towards you being a better partner in the relationship.

Go ahead and get your relationship on track. So, start addressing your relationship as “us” instead of “you” or “me” and see the positive changes that follow. A healthy contribution from both the partners is required for a relationship to last. Always brew your love potion with the right aromas! Every home needs to smell good.

It’s a fact that relationships are constantly evolving entities and they need frequent attention and care to thrive. Even after making sure, you have a strong foundation; work hard and maintain it well. Also treat your relationship as if it’s a plant because you have to maintain it so it stays alive.

The problem is that some people tend to get so familiar in their relationships, but “courtship should never end.” It doesn’t have to be anything fancy just be sure that you go out to dinner or a movie, or even just take a nice afternoon walk together regularly.

With a strong foundation, you have to continue doing right so that your relationship does not develop cracks disturbing your love and intimacy. No time to waste, give it your all from the beginning and always.

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