No normal vajayjay lips

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No normal vajayjay lips


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IF a group of young girls find themselves naked in the same room, there is always that kind of naughtiness where you check out for the abnormal vaginal lips which will be either too small or too long. This has resulted in some losing self-esteem.

Of course when you are still young, you get to be in a dilemma of how you should look down there. It seems the confusion never ends as even when you are a young lady, confusion still rocks. You will always wonder how the normal vajayjay looks like. Truth be told, there is no such thing as a normal vajayjay as they come in different shapes and sizes. The only ‘‘normal’’ out there is what’s normal for you.

The vajayjay lips of a woman next to you is different from yours. It is unfortunate that some women are not happy with the way they look down there because they once took a glimpse of someone’s vajayjay lips and went ahead to compare with theirs. It became an issue when they realised they were not the same.

Vaginal lips have a lot of variations, they can be small, large, visible or hidden. All are normal and be proud of your uniqueness. The only thing that is abnormal with vajayjay lips is pain and discomfort. If you are experiencing unusual tenderness and itching, then it’s abnormal.

While on this, I have talked to women who started feeling pain when they were trying to stretch out their vajayjay lips. After using those herbs, they began to feel some heat and they were told that the pain was normal. Pain will never be normal . . .

There are some men who also think they know better and have put their partners under so much pressure telling them about the normal vajayjay. Some have even gone to the extent of parting ways with their partners, in the name of hunting for normal vajayjay. I wonder if ever they will find them as it is all about getting pleasure.

Most times they think very long ones are normal, but they always believe that it’s not long enough. Then the question is how long are normal vajayjay lips? Whenever they compare with someone else, they always notice there are longer ones. Yes, we know these are the same men who will tell women that they are abnormal if their vajayjay is not a certain length. Next time a man tells you that you are incomplete or abnormal stand your ground telling him you are normal in your different way.

Of course, it has been said that the different shapes and sizes spice up sex in different ways. Some men also got certain sizes in mind as they enjoy when playing with it. After all has been said, we then realise that there is no abnormality when talking of vajayjay lips.

It is also interesting to note that there are men who are not interested in having partners with very long vajayjay lips. They belong to a school of thought where it’s believed that women with extended vajayjay lips have the desire to be men in their marriages because the extended labia looks and bulges like a penis and so those with elongated ones feel and think they have something tangible as well. So it is all about making your own choice. 

The sex game is all in the mind. If you believe that there is more sexual pleasure when it’s long, it will happen that way. Truth be told, it is just a myth that if you elongate it, men will never cheat or dump you. 

Of course we cannot take away that the long ones clasp the manhood and when he pulls away after reaching the big O, there is some extra pleasure experienced as the elongated labia gently peels off the manhood, making it feel like a second orgasm. 

Even if you got short ones, you can always give your man that pleasure after the big O by holding the man’s manhood while it is still inside the vajayjay. It’s all about knowing your game, making it clear that all vajayjay shapes and sizes are normal.

Remember that there is no medical or scientific proof that a woman with elongated labia has more sexual satisfaction than a regular woman. It then makes it clear that there is no woman who is said to be abnormal because of her labia size or shape. Women with different shapes and sizes always find satisfaction which is a sure testimony that all you need is to be confident and be on top of your game.

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