No hope for local musicians: Majaivana speaks on lack of support for local musicians

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No hope for local musicians: Majaivana speaks on lack of support for local musicians Lovemore Majaivana


Langalakhe Mabena
United States-based legendary Mbaqanga musician Lovemore Majaivana has revealed that there is no hope for musicians to make it in life because there is less support from the locals and there are no strong unions that support the artistes’ work.

In an interview with YouTube channel Zazise Wide Majaivana said: “For musicians I don’t see any hope in my country, this is because we never had a strong union.

“Whenever we try to build something up there is always a force that comes in and destroys the good thing. I don’t see any of us making success, the plight of the artistes will always remain the same.”

Bulawayo artistes are always lagging behind in terms of success when compared to their counterparts from Harare.

Even in Majaivana’s times the unbalanced success patterns of musicians was in existence and for such reasons, he deserted his fans and stopped making music for good as he was underpaid for his art.

“Whenever I went to get my cheque after performance, I saw that I was underpaid as I compared my cheque to those people who sang in a different language to mine. When I performed in other places like Canada, England, Sweden we had full houses and at home it was on tribal lines,” said Majaivana.

As he is now a man of the cloth in the States, Majaivana revealed that he always prayed that the tribal lines do not get to interfere in music.

“On ethnic sections I leave it in the hands of God, this thing about tribes started from years ago, for me to say I see things getting to a better situation I personally don’t know but I leave it in God’s hands,” he said.

He acknowledged the love he received from the capital as he said he travelled every week to perform in Harare and it paid him well to the extent of buying his own house.

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