“No celeb is immune” – Cal_vin warns celebrities on Covid-19

08 May, 2020 - 11:05 0 Views
“No celeb is immune” – Cal_vin warns celebrities on Covid-19 Cal_Vin


Nhlanhla Mbele
Despite the increasing number of the Covid-19 cases in Zimbabwe, it seems some of local artistes are still busy chasing after fame.

Bulawayo multi- award winning Hip-Hop wordsmith Mgcini Nhliziyo otherwise known as Ca_vin, came out gun blazing to fellow artistes on Instagram on Saturday warning them to take a chill pill while government tries to come up with measures of easing the spread of the pandemic.

Calvin said: “There is no Celeb immune from the pandemic and celebs should stop exposing themselves for likes and retweets but they just need to stay home.

“You know I worry and think a lot and lately I’ve seen something disturbing. People put other people’s lives under unnecessary pressure, let them stay at home. Corona is real people.”

He continued: “This is not the time to act like this, let organisations that are meant to help step up, if you feel like you want to be a sacrificial lamb to the virus it’s fine. In as much as I know we go frequent to the shops and banks but let’s not encourage movement by posting.

“We need you in the industry after all this is done,” said Calvin.

Zimbabwe has recorded 34 Covid 19 cases since the national lockdown took effect on 30 March.

On Friday last week, President Mnangagwa extended the lockdown by an additional of 14 days in a quest to curb the spread of the global pandemic.

Calvin encouraged people to lend a hand and give their money or products to organisations that will aid people and know how to go about it safely.


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