Nine-year-old girl pens poem on Covid-19

17 May, 2020 - 13:05 0 Views
Nine-year-old girl pens poem on Covid-19 Zoe Mazvita Dubery


Gibson Mhaka
A Grade Four pupil at the Seventh Day Adventist-run Maranatha Primary School in Bulawayo’s Nketa 7 suburb has penned an inspirational poem as a tribute to frontline health workers urging them to continue putting up a brave fight against the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

Zoe Mazvita Dubery (9) who believes that the fight against Covid-19 has parallels to participating in a war said frontline health workers who are working in stressful and frightening work environments should not give up because God was on their side in their efforts to fight the deadly Covid-19 virus.

Her poem titled “Covid-19” came at a time when several health workers in the world have died while putting up a spirited fight against Covid-19.

Speaking to B-Metro, Zoe said she was inspired to express her feelings on the work being done by frontline health workers in the fight against the corona virus.

“My main aim when I wrote the poem was to pay tribute to our awesome doctors and nurses for their sterling efforts in the fight against the deadly Covid-19 virus. I was also encouraging them not to give up because as a nation God is on our side in this fight against coronavirus.

“I was also raising awareness on the dangers of the deadly virus which has so far killed thousands of people across the world so that people can take the necessary precautions. I feel more people need to see or read the poem,” said Zoe.

She also urged everyone to follow guidelines such as washing of hands regularly, keeping a distance and staying at home so as to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

The youngster’s father, Dennis Dubery, said he was happy for his daughter’s creativity adding that her poem was beautiful for someone of her age.

“As parents we are humbled by our daughter’s creativity and we are happy that she has decided to use her writing talent to contribute towards the fight against Covid-19 by urging doctors and nurses to fight against the deadly virus. We are also humbled to realise that she knows that in our fight against Covid-19, as a nation, God is on our side,” he said.

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