NEW: Original Ndolwane front men re-union unlikely- Martin Sibanda

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NEW: Original Ndolwane front men re-union unlikely- Martin Sibanda Martin Sibanda


Kwanele Khumalo

Martin Sibanda of Ndolwane Super Sounds has poured cold water on calls from fans for him to re-unite with Charles Zwane and restore the original band of the 1990s.

In a live video released on 15 December, Sibanda said what the two had done jointly in the past was enough and he did not see any reason for them to re-unite.

“What I have done with him previously to me is enough, anyone who misses our voices together should go back to the work we did.

“In the music industry we grow, this is why we have to keep on moving forward not going back to re-visit what we once did,” Sibanda said.

He also narrated that Charles and him had the same Rumba fans, meaning their coming together would not increase their fanbase.

 He added that he had enough Rumba fans and was now looking for fans from other places and genres who are not Rumba followers.

“The Rumba fans we have are enough, they are at home and we are concerned about the audiences that have never followed the Rumba music, to me that is growth,” Sibanda said.

Sibanda had previously released two tracks titled; Phalaphala and Kumbudzo with Venda boy, a poet from South Africa and Sugar Sugar, who works with Alick Macheso.

Meanwhile, Sibanda is working on his video expected to be released early next year, Lucky Moyo, his manager, said.

Martin gave some little hope to the fans saying a collaboration could only be done if the fans were willing to pre-pay for the project.

“The problem about people is that, they speak but not willing to sacrifice for what they want.

 If you want a collaboration of Charles and I you should pay for it first. I’m sure he will appreciate that too,” said Sibanda.

Martin Sibanda and Charles Zwane are former Ndolwane Super Sounds group members from Bulilima in Matabeleland South and gained recognition in Bulawayo and South Africa in the early 90s.

The two members separated after releasing their last album titled Zethembe and since then their Rumba fans have been calling for their re-union.

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