Ndebele dancehall on the rise in Bulawayo

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Ndebele dancehall on the rise in Bulawayo


Bubelo Moyo

IT might seem impossible until it’s done!

If you ever thought dancehall or reggae was only common to Jamaican and Shona language in nature locally then you were wrong.

The gears just shifted as Bulawayo-based musician Michael “Jah Michaels” Mukahanana has engaged in Ndebele dancehall to relate to the local fans craving for a Ndebele version of the art.

The Rasta man expressed his love for the genre saying that he had to find a way to appease the local dancehall reggae lovers who couldn’t understand the lyrics in another language by spoiling them with the Ndebele-flavoured sound.

What was the recognition point?

The artiste grew up in Bulawayo and he is deeply-rooted in the native Bulawayo culture.

The poet-cum-musician was motivated by Lucky Dube pieces to find it possible to join the vernacular reggae bandwagon.

“Not so long ago, I was on my levels high up listening to my tunes then I received the calling to start riding the dancehall beat with Ndebele lyrics,” said Jah Michaels.

The budding rare breed artiste has a reggae dancehall Extended Play available on online platforms with the tracks titled, Gidadwayi, Impilo yam, Yinyonibani and Isithasokulunga.

Jah Michaels hopes the new style of music could be adopted by many local artistes who have the same ambition so as to push it to greater heights.

“My greatest wish is that someday, our genre be recognised, not only in Zimbabwe but worldwide,” he said.

The artiste seeks to rise from the grassroots level and it is not amazing that he has been on the performers’ list on local club shows and free shows at Cowdray Park Shopping Centre.

Jah Michaels has been afforded a chance to work with Bulawayo-based clinical producer Just-Percy in the song, Yinyonibani and determined to keep working harder to make a name for himself in the dancehall avenues.

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