Naughty school girl theme look at the Miss Winter pageant

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Naughty school girl theme look at the Miss Winter pageant


Bubelo Moyo

The Miss Winter models under the theme, “Naughty schoolgirl look” brought to the ramp sexy naughty schoolgirl outfits revealing what the girl child usually does to feel cool and sexy in high school.

“We all did crazy stuff in our uniforms at school but now we wish we could go back to the time and correct the wrongs we did back then,” revealed Constance Connie Ndlovu, the organiser of the pageant. 

Another model dressed in a bodacious kindergarten-sized skirt dazzled the crowd with a cigarette tucked in her mouth.

Why the miniskirt and cigarette?

“That was a way of expressing what I deemed cool during my high school years,” said Chelly Alexander, one of the models.

She added: “That was the in-thing aeon times ago but that was wrong, little did we know and now we wish we could wind back the clock and lead moral lifestyles.”

Many times high school teens dress in short-sized revealing skirts to seek attention from boys and some even go an extra mile to smoke and portray the nasty miscellaneous picture.  

Connie soldiered on the moral lesson of the theme, “Naughty schoolgirl look” and said that the girlchild should not rush into adult life at the teen age especially in this era of Vuzu parties.

“You don’t owe anyone a cool sexy look during high school and you do not have to prove to anyone that you’re fresh by smoking or taking any substance at a premature age.” 

She added: “Stay focused on your studies.”

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