National Gallery in Bulawayo revives arts lessons

20 Sep, 2022 - 17:09 0 Views
National Gallery in Bulawayo revives arts lessons National Gallery


Wandile Mloyi

WHILE there are as many opinions about “must- have” skills for art students as there are art instructors,  the National Gallery in Bulawayo has resolved to re-establish art lessons for aspiring artistes that will take place every Friday and Saturday at the creative institution.

The lessons will reportedly focus on developing fine outcomes by nurturing drawing and painting abilities.

National Gallery in Bulawayo regional director Silenkosi Moyo said: “Part of the Gallery’s education and public programming department’s mandate is to foster art appreciation in local institutions, equipping art teachers and students with skills that are relevant for the art schools’ curriculum needs.”

She added that the initiative came into being after a survey they conducted in April during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) period where they found out about the needs of their community.

“A lot of responses were related to structured art lessons, hence, these art lessons had to be brought back. This is the Gallery’s way of programming relevant activities by responding to the needs of the community we serve,” said Moyo.

Through these lessons, Moyo added they were looking forward to equipping the learners with painting and drawing skills, creating a platform for art-related research projects and providing consultation services.

“It is also a platform for us to groom and mentor future artistes. Children will get to refine their art skills and also engage in art therapy as well,” she said.

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