Mzoe adds Elliot to the mix

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Mzoe adds Elliot to the mix Mzoe 7


Keith Mlauzi

“SKIT musician” is a phrase that can possibly fit in well for Bulawayo-based Gqom artiste Mzobanzi Mlauzi also known as Mzoe 7 after he took advantage of the “death and resurrection” and death of Elliot.

Mzoe 7, who just dropped his Elliot Wafa Wafa video said he used music videos to market his other talents he was gifted with and the release of his latest video was the best platform he could showcase his acting skills.

“I use music videos to showcase my other talents. I am more than a musician. I am also gifted in acting and television presenting. I couldn’t find a better platform than my own music video to prove that,” said Mzoe 7.

Mzoe said it was unfortunate his music video was released after “Elliot” was pronounced dead (for real this time). However, the show had to go on.

“It wasn’t my intention to mock the dead; I had been working on the video for weeks now. Unfortunately I had to release it soon after his death,” he added.

The artiste said he went through a serious emotional phase before deciding to release the video or not as he was scared of criticism from the public for “mocking the dead”.

“It was a tough decision for me to release the video as I feared that people would criticise me for making a joke out of a dead person but well, it is what it is, the show has to go on,” he said.

In the mid of the fears of criticism he had some positive elements in him.

“Time is everything in the music industry and now that Elliot is trending this will give my video a fighting chance to trend as well,” he added.

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