Mzoe 7 spoils couple with song portrait

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Mzoe 7 spoils couple with song portrait Ras Quisity Keaitse and Nokuthula Khumalo


Langalakhe Mabena
LOVE is in the air!

Multi-award-winning muso Mzoe 7 is happy for his cinematographer Ras Quisity Keaitse on his recent marriage proposal to fiancée Nokuthula Khumalo.

The Asambeni hitmaker has a lot to give thanks for, to Ras Quisity for handling most of his music videos and he saw it fit to honour him with a portrait of his upcoming single Mjolo (The Pandemic).

Mjolo will be dropped on 30 April including visuals which were shot and directed by Ras Quisity.

The single features the new couple as the main attraction of the song’s portrait/cover.

B-Metro showbiz caught up with the couple and they shared their inspiring love tale.

They met last year in November and they formally got engaged on 14 February.

“She was referred to me by my former lecturer for internship. I never liked her interview and would ignore her when she wanted to come on my film sets. One day, I had a job in Gwanda and she saw my status and asked to come.

“Mzoe 7 then came with her to the mining town, that’s where I met her and spent two days with her filming and the Rasta fell in love,” said Ras Quisity.

For Khumalo, the visuals nerd was just a missing piece of her love puzzle.

“I was sure I loved him from the first day he proposed love to me, and being engaged to him was a sign that besides love and everyday affection, we were both ready for commitment, he just completed me,” said Khumalo.

Umjolo (dating) has been overstated on social circles especially on social media with some referring it to “The Pandemic”, a metaphor explaining how dating is toxic and deadly like the coronavirus.

Ras Quisity can relate to umjolo being “The Pandemic.”

“Umjolo is not for the weak, and I can relate with it because of my previous relationship which ended badly for me.

However, the song also represents stories of everyone who was defeated by umjolo.

“When you are dating, you must first acknowledge that umjolo is complicated. You get to it ready to cry or laugh.

However, for me I believe the only way to survive is to be honest in everything because lying won’t make you survive,” said Ras Quisity.

Khumalo who is studying towards an Honors degree in Film and Theatre Arts Studies with Midlands State University, has since joined Ras Quisity at his company Keaitsi Films.

The couple is looking forward to growing a visuals studio empire that focuses on cinematography, music video production, post-production and infomercials.

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