Mzoe 7 potrays Ubuntu

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Mzoe 7 potrays Ubuntu Mzoe 7


Bubelo Moyo
He is an artiste who prefers comparison!

When Mzoe 7 is mentioned, the unique track titles like Godobori come to mind. Not only is his track naming game unique, he has taken it further to the visuals game, a territory one cannot turn a blind eye.

Who is this guy who dresses like a West African musician? Why the diversity in visuals? The unique track titles which need explanation?

Many questions loom when Mzobanzi “Mzoe 7” Mlauzi is mentioned.

“My style is inspired by the father of Afrobeat Fela Anikulapo Kuti,” said the Entumbane-bred Mzoe 7.

With less than a fortnight on the shelves, Mzoe 7 otherwise known as The Fashion Maradona, his Amapiano touch on the new smash track titled Asambeni gives the feel of what final product the singer can deliver to the music realm.

“His (Fela Kuti) ways, his beliefs, his love for his people, culture, dress code and nation building inspires me and contributed immensely to the growth of my career,” said the Afro-pop star.

Growing up in a family with mixed ethnicity, with the father originating from Malawi, and a Zimbabwean mother, the muso was brought up to know that Africa is one despite being made up of different ethnic groups.

“When singing I don’t use one language, that’s for a certain reason, with seven African languages on my tongue, as Africans, we are tribes in a tribe, we should embrace Ubuntuism,” he said.

The Amapiano song, Asambeni which lies at over 12 700 views portrays diverse culture, through binary opposites.

The brazen Mzoe 7 features yesteryear greats, Thandanani Women’s Ensemble and young blood vixens, modern lifestyle site as well as remote site all in one video.

“Asambeni isn’t just a song, it’s a journey, alone one can go fast but together we can go further,” said Mzoe 7.

Asambeni is available on all online media outlets including YouTube.

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