Mzoe 7 confronts depression

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Mzoe 7 confronts depression Mzoe 7


Langalakhe Mabena
Mentally, have you ever experienced a disorder characterised by a persistently depressed mood or from nowhere, develop a loss of interest in activities and prefer to hide your pain and never share what you feel inside with anyone?

If you have experienced the above, these are some of the signs that prove that someone is depressed.

As a way of encouraging people to speak out especially men, multi-award-winning muso Mzoe 7 has come up with a way of tackling mental health issues through his Majida (Gentlemen) Let’s Talk initiative.

The initiative came up after realising that a saddening number of young men were committing suicide as a way of escaping from reality.

Most societies view men as a strong gender and when one starts to open up about their problems, the society dismisses that man as weak and frail.

This is the kind of a misconception that Mzoe 7 is encouraging men to drop.

“We have seen a number of young people taking their lives due to different issues that might cause depression from unemployment as well as personal spirits.

“If we can do statistics, we will realise that the most people who go through a lot to the extent of committing suicide are men because they are not open about the issues or phases, they are going through in life.

“So, I came up with an initiative that I have termed Majida Let’s Talk which is aimed at mentally helping men out there to solve whatever kind of problem they might be facing.

“Men have to know that speaking out doesn’t mean that one is weak.

Yes, depression is real but also suicide can be prevented by speaking your problems out because some of the reasons behind committing suicide can be solved,” said Mzoe 7.

The Majida Let’s Talk platform has stirred positive results and Mzoe 7 said apart from one-on-one sessions, he will conduct group sessions where he will be visiting different neighbourhoods preaching and raising awareness on mental health issues.

“I have a number of people who sent me suicide messages and I have engaged them in a positive manner.

Speaking out has helped us to solve their problems and avoid possible suicides.

“To make sure that we reach different people who also have mental issues and who are suicidal, we will be visiting emaKasi and we will be doing group discussion raising mental health education,” said Mzoe 7.

Meanwhile, a local Hip Hop artiste named Kgosietsile Nzima also known as 5iver committed suicide on 2 August.

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