Mzoe 7 and La Dee an item

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Mzoe 7 and  La Dee an item Mzoe7 and LADEE


Charity Mathema

There is a new couple in town!

What started as a rumour has suddenly turned into reality as B-Metro Showbiz can confirm that multi_award-winning muso Mzoe 7 and singer La Dee are an item.

It is said that the two have been seeing each other for over a year now.

The couple has also been spotted attending various events together, sparking rumours of a blossoming romance. When asked by this reporter about their relationship, both celebrities claimed they were putting their personal lives under wraps, while leaving their fans in suspense.

La Dee said: “I would prefer to keep my relationship status very private, but we are not married yet with Mzoe. No lobola was paid and we are taking things slow.”

Mzoe7 and LADEE

When questioned about the affair, Mzoe 7 responded with a hearty laugh and a cryptic statement.

“Let me first sit down, I’ll respond later,” said Mzoe 7 dodging the interview.

However, if anything that Mzoe 7 is posting on his social media pages is anything to go by, the content he shares with La Dee (in pictures) is a clear sign that the Asambeni hitmaker is drunk in love.

In a recent post on his timeline, Mzoe 7 confirmed his affair with La Dee.

“Indoda iyakhula (a man grows up). To the love of my life, I choose to love you through thick and thin, in good and in bad times, so help me God. (Everyone) Help me express my love to this beautiful soul,” posted Mzoe 7 as a caption of his romantic pictures with La Dee on Facebook.

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