Mzistozz spreads wings

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Mzistozz spreads wings Mzistozz


Bubelo Moyo
Ambitious rapper Mzistozz says if Bulawayo musicians are to make it in the music industry, they should consider collaborating with artistes from all across the country to widen their fan base.

“Fans have to relate to the song, if they can’t find meaning then it’s a total turn-off, and as Bulawayo musicians we haven’t been doing enough to be relevant in other provinces,” said Mzistozz.

This could be his first step to language diversity as his new offering released on 1 May, titled No more games consists of a blend of Ndebele and Shona lyrics.

No more games’ hook samples voices of children playing the nationwide famous game, “amina amina kadeya.”

“I infused this into the song so that the song can reach a wide Zimbabwean audience, even abroad and so that the locals can relate to the new project,” he said.

In the new single, the nascent rapper features Chitungwiza’s R Peels, award-winning Mr Kata and Easy TRT.

The song, produced by Skido Flex, is getting airplay on Bulawayo radio stations.

“Not that I’m being nasty, but as local artistes, we have limited our songs to only the two stations, which then limits us in almost every aspect of the game as these are regional stations, not national,” said the rapper.

Famously described as the forgotten musician by many, Mzistozz, a cousin to Tebogo “Tebza” Moyo can be easily mistaken for the youngster’s backup vocalist or dancer as he has been seen hanging out with the superstar in many shows.

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