Mutumwa saves almost dead child

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Mutumwa saves almost dead child Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa with almost dead baby


B-Metro Reporter
AN Insuza toddler will live to tell the tale of how he escaped death after his parents frantically sought the assistance of a local prophet when he fell unconscious for several hours.

A video of the unresponsive toddler is making rounds on social media with his parents begging a prophet to save him.

Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa with almost dead baby

The parents of the three-year-old said their child fell unconscious at home while playing with friends.

With the closest clinic several kilometres away and with no transport to ferry the boy for medical assistance, the father made a decision to rush him to a shrine where local community members were worshipping.

Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa is seen in the video splashing the unresponsive child with water in the face.

Mutumwa makes the boy drink some of the water and a few minutes later the boy starts to cough.

Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa

“People say prophets fake some their miracles but how does one instruct a little boy to fake unconsciousness.

“He would have died had the parents taken too long to bring him to my shrine.

“The boy had been attacked by goblins and whoever was responsible for the attack surely wanted the child dead,” Mutumwa told B-Metro.

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