Musimboti’s Gondolozi drink: A cure like no other

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Musimboti’s Gondolozi drink: A cure like no other Mr Morgan Zimunya


Melissa Chekwa 

In contemporary societies, western medicine has since downplayed the value and essence of traditional medicine disregarding how a certain age of people once survived off herbs as their source of medicine.

Musimboti African Medicine, as the name entails, stubborn enough to defy the odds of modern medication, still gives prominence to the value of traditional medicine and its impact on saving lives.

Gondolozi drink, a juice that can wipe away all your problems and aches in just one or two calculated gulps is what the traditional pharmacy has specially served to the people.

This is a drink made up of different traditional herbs put together into a concoction. Making it easy for people, rather than taking the herbs raw, herbalist and chief executive officer of Musimboti Traditional Pharmacy Morgan Zimunya said they infused some of their herbs into drinks so that people could just gulp as they go.

“We came up with this initiative after realising that it may be hard for some people to simply take the herbs in their natural state.

“So we thought giving people this medication in the form of drinks can change their mentality and even save their time trying to process the medicine on their own,” said Zimunya.

As he describes it, Gondolozi drink is an unbeatable potion that redeems the body in terms of eradicating sickness and activating a man’s sexual hormones.

“It is our own special izifo zonke (all diseases) medication that we have in store. Many people have come for it while a lot more have also testified on how it has worked for them in terms of their health and sexual hormones,” he said.

The herbalist explained that in contemporary medicine, Gondolozi is likened to Viagra, a medicine that helps a man get an erection but the only difference is that this drink caters for everything.

Zimunya also said they had the tree of love specially prepared for both females and males who have a hard time arousing their sexual hormones.

“Unlike Gondolozi, the tree of life caters for both genders. Women can also tap in and have their fair share of this type of medication,” said Zimunya.

He also added that other than being in drinks, medication could also be provided in its raw form, ointments or as powder.

“We offer it as powder for people to sprinkle in their foods and ointments for most to smear on their bodies for fair results,” said Zimunya. 

As he shared on the importance of traditional medicine in healing the body, Zimunya explained that he was not a sangoma but a herbalist who best deals in prescribing traditional medicine to people.

“We grew up being taught how our ancestors and the great kings of past relied on traditional medicine. It made them strong healthy warriors and the value of that medicine still stands to this day,” said the herbalist. 

The traditional pharmacy caters for different conditions including hypertension, diabetes and common known conditions including ingubhane, inyongo, udenda, inkantsho, ingulamakhwa and many more.

For more information concerning Musimboti medicines, Zimunya directed people to visit their website at www.musimbotiworld.co.za 

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