Muduhwa scores matrimonial own goal: Facebook user blows whistle

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Muduhwa scores matrimonial own goal: Facebook user blows whistle Muduhwa and side chick


Nhlanhla Mbele/ Raymond Jaravaza

THE honeymoon seems to be over for Highlanders defender Peter Muduhwa after the player was accused of marking the wrong territory with allegations of infidelity threatening to rip apart his marriage. 

Social media went into a frenzied overdrive in the last couple of days after a Facebook user accused Muduhwa of playing outside of his marital pitch with another woman. 

The player married Vanessa Muduhwa (nee Gasela) in November last year. 

Barely four months into the union, Muduhwa is accused of stepping out of marriage with another woman in a no-holds barred series of posts on social media. 

So confident is the Facebook user’s claims of infidelity against Muduhwa that he dared the footballer to refute the allegations. 

The first post was dropped on social media last Sunday and it read: “Our new wedded couple it’s less than three months thy (sic) married but they are already planning a divorce. Our player has played hearts, what a world.”

Peter Muduhwa and wife Vanessa

A couple of minutes later the Facebook user who goes by the name Chey Chey tagged the player once again with two pictures and asked: “Who is the wife A or B?”

The pictures are those of Muduhwa with his wife Vanessa and another one where he is cosy with another woman. 

Followers of the footie quickly came to the defence of Muduhwa with some questioning the Facebook user’s motives in posting pictures of him with another woman. 

“Immaturity so Chey Chey whoever you are what are your motives??? What are you trying to achieve? Had I been you I was going to use my time wisely doing something productive like mastering English,” wrote one of the irritated followers, Matron Mattie D. 

The accuser fired back by sending another cozy picture of Muduhwa with his “lady friend” and asked “Is this the same girl he married? Haters deserve to be humiliated.”

Another follower asked the wisdom of making infidelity accusations on social media. 

“Chey Chey I know he (Muduhwa) is married to Vanessa but discussing this on Facebook won’t solve any problem, talk to him please,” said Eunice Dube.

Shepherd Rejour Markoo Dube said “Chey Chey is there any need of publishing such a rumour, why not mind your own divorce and leave them with their business.”

Chey Chey showed no chill and went on to draw a comparison between Vanessa and the lady with Muduhwa on the picture saying “A is beautiful, why didn’t he marry her while B (Vanessa) seems older than him (Muduhwa).

Muduhwa’s wife, seemingly unfazed by the allegations, said: “Our silence doesn’t mean that we are afraid of you or what. Uthunywe nguye yin ugal lo oku pic oyisendileyo (were you sent by this lady on the picture).” 

“We are not divorcing anytime soon so Ayiii khohlwani (forget). This isn’t breaking us,” said Vanessa.

Efforts to get hold of Muduhwa proved futile after someone that claimed to be his spokesperson told this reporter to phone again at 10pm on Monday. 

“Hello, who am I speaking to? Muduhwa is not around, call around 10 or 11 or leave a message.”

Repeated efforts to get hold of the player were unsuccessful and messages sent to his phone were not responded to. 

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