Mubochwa takes condom designs to Cairo

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Mubochwa takes condom designs to Cairo Thembani Mabochwa


Langalakhe Mabena

Renowned fashion designer Thembani Mubochwa is set to showcase his work at an international fashion show in Cairo, Egypt.

The fashion show which will run from 27-29 October is an initiative by the Africa Regional Congress of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women in collaboration with Africa Fashion Reception.

The latest international participation comes after Mubochwa successfully showcased his fashion designs at this year’s Pan African fashion show in Paris, France. 

The multi-award winning Harare-based fashionista revealed that he was continuing with showcasing plastic material designs and this time around he would be showcasing designs made from condom material. 

“This year I made it a point that I showcase my design collection made from plastic materials, there is a need to recycle plastic so as to avoid land pollution and so on, as I am going to Cairo, I will be showcasing works from my latest condom designs,” said Mubochwa.

What’s next after the Egypt tour?

After Cairo, Mubochwa revealed that he would be looking forward to making collaborations mostly with international designers.

“It has been great doing my own designs, but I have learnt that the industry grows faster through collaborations, so after the Cairo gig, I am looking forward to collaborating with designers from other countries so that I also further enhance my skills,” said Mubochwa.

Mubochwa will be joined in Cairo by other designers from 20 African countries. For one to participate, they have to be in the African Union database and Unesco.

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