Motorist insults traffic cops

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Motorist insults traffic cops Bryton Chipadza


B-Metro Reporter

A motorist caused a scene at Drill Hall police station in Bulawayo when he climbed on top of his car and insulted police officers who had arrested him for parking his Botswana registered vehicle at an undesignated place.

According to a police source, who witnessed the drama which happened on 03 January, Bryton Chipadza was brought to Drill Hall by traffic cops for dangerously parking his car in the middle of the road between Leopold Takawira and Fort Street in order to change money.

On the way to the police station, Chipadza is said to have been insulting the police officers who arrested him, accusing them of being corrupt and uneducated.

When they arrived at the police station Bryton climbed on top of his car and refused to go into the charge office.

“He was causing a scene and it attracted a small crowd. He was arrested at night around 8, had he been arrested during the day the crowd could have been much bigger. He accused the police who had arrested him of targeting foreign vehicles in order to get bribes in foreign currency.

“He also advised the arresting officers to quit their jobs and join him in Botswana because they were earning peanuts. He also promised to tarnish the image of the police on social media. After he calmed down he entered the charge office and was issued a Form 265 which gives the alleged offender an option to pay a fine or appear in court after 14 days,” said the source/.

Chipadza’s threats to soil the image of the police were not empty as he indeed used Facebook to hit back.

“Corruption alert by a certain group of police officers from Drill Hall police station in Bulawayo. A lady officer who drives a Ford Fiesta police vehicle, I am not sure if Sibanda is her real name, but she identified herself as Sibanda and a male officer named Shoko, they are harassing foreign vehicle owners in Bulawayo at night, asking for bribes in forex. I am yet to take this issue to higher offices which deal with corruption,” he wrote to a Facebook page called Bulawayo Public Notice Board.

However, some Facebook users who read his post defended the police and accused Chipadza of telling only one side of the story.

Attempts to contact Chipadza proved fruitless as he did not respond to Facebook messages sent to him by B-Metro.

The officer in charge at Drill Hall Traffic section, Chief Inspector Yedzani Tshuma refused to comment.

“Call the media department. It is not my place to comment about that incident,” he said.


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