Motherhood changes DJ Liz

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Motherhood changes DJ Liz DJ Liz


Langalakhe Mabena
“God trusted me with a life. This means I have to do my part and raise my daughter in a respectful environment and start behaving like a mum not a DJ.”

These are words articulated by award winning club wheel spinner DJ Liz who has been blessed with a baby girl, Taliah, who is eight months old now.

The moment she realised there was a bun in the oven, DJ Liz prayed for a bouncing baby girl, and God answered her prayers.

As she is part of the 3D Family DJs, a subsidiary of events management company 3D Events, Liz who has opened decks for many South African acts was never seen on the night spots glitz and famed shows.

She revealed to B-Metro that her pregnancy kept her indoors especially during the 2019 festive season.

“The moment I realised I was heavy with Taliah a lot had to change and I had to stay at home. I wasn’t that much active during my pregnancy and I didn’t even attend any gigs,” said Liz.

Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities and it changes a parent’s perspective about the world.

Liz is grateful to learn from her personal friend DJ Zinhle on motherhood issues and the manner Zinhle handles her daughter Cairo inspires Liz.

“People used to tell me that once you have a child you change but I brushed it off, but since I have become a mum a lot has changed. I am more careful, and very particular with certain things. I have become mature because responsibility is expected when God trusts you with a life,” said DJ Liz.

Even though most artistes are negatively affected by the Covid-19 lockdown, for DJ Liz, it has become a blessing as she gets more time to be with her bundle of joy.

“I honestly enjoy the lockdown because I get more time to bond with my daughter because I wasn’t going to get this chance if I was performing.

“Staying at home has also negatively affected me because as a DJ I also have to give my fans time and play for them and that is physically impossible under the lockdown,” said DJ Liz.

To maintain her skills on the decks, DJ Liz says: “I have a set-up in my bedroom, every time when I am done attending my baby and feel like spinning wheels I just do it in the comfort of my bedroom.”

When the Covid-19 dark cloud vanishes, DJ Liz revealed that she will hold a gig which will feature local female DJs as a way of balancing the club DJs industry which is dominated by male players.

“This gig was supposed to happen in April on my birthday but Covid-19 happened. If God permits, I will have DJ Zinhle as my guest DJ.

“In the meantime people must continue wearing masks, washing their hands and maintain social distancing until the world becomes safe again,” she said.

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