Mom seeks protection against ‘monster son’

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Mom seeks protection against ‘monster son’


Hazel Marimbiza

ROBERT Sibanda is a very angry and violent child.

This came out at the Bulawayo magistrates’ court when his mother broke down narrating how he beat her up every time he got drunk.

Monizha Sibanda said in most instances her son would have been angered by minor issues between them so he goes on to give her a beating similar to the one normally given to little children. 

During her first days of being beaten, Monizha sought assistance from family members but efforts to tame Robert’s rowdy behaviour were fruitless.

As months went by Robert continued beating her and in most cases she sustained injuries. Fearing for her life she then decided to seek help from the courts.

“My son is tormenting me daily by assaulting me with sticks. Every time we argue about something he turns violent, goes outside to get sticks then comes back in the house to thoroughly beat me. He always does this after getting drunk. He is my son but because of his behaviour and the fact that he has caused me so much physical and emotional pain, I no longer want him in the house,” said Monizha.

She further revealed that Robert was also destroying her life because of stealing from her.

“I try to save money so that I may engage in different projects but he steals it. He also steals my clothes and sells them so that he gets money to buy beer. I have been praying and I’m still praying that the court will give him the justice he deserves,” said Monizha.

In his defence Robert blamed everything on beer.

“I am so sorry for the pain I have caused my mother. It’s all because most times I will be drunk,” said a teary Robert.

Western Commonage magistrate Stephen Ndlovu ordered Robert to desist from verbally, physically, and emotionally abusing his mother.

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