Model’s boyfriend not bothered by girlfriend kissing other men

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Model’s boyfriend not bothered by girlfriend kissing other men Rodney and Kelly


Bubelo Moyo/Hazel Marimbiza

Shocking right!

“We are perfectly fine now”-Rodney speaks about his relationship with Kelly.

It turns out that the nascent model was tripping over an issue which is already water under the bridge as her boyfriend says her extra-relationship affairs have been forgiven but she can feel free to get naughty with anyone she lusts over in future. 

The understanding Rodney, Kelly’s boyfriend told B-Metro Entertainment he has already forgiven his love for the picture pose but astoundingly, the dude further went on to say he is not bothered by her girlfriend getting intimate with anyone in the future.

“I was angry about it when I first saw the story on B-Metro but I forgave her, everything is perfectly fine now and I don’t have any problem with her kissing other guys,” said Rodney.

Gugulethu Nleya aka Kelly, however, has a different tale to narrate as she lashed out tons of bad vibes at B-Metro saying that the publication has ruined her relationship with the guy she thought would be the future hubby.

“Are you happy now that he (boyfriend) wants to leave me, you wanted this right?” Kelly questioned B-Metro Entertainment in an interview following her intimate picture with a male “best friend” she posted on social media and claimed was a zero-feelings situation, three weeks back.

The drama cat-walker now signed under the Shut Up and Groove Entertainment modeling agency left Amazon Entertainment stable last year in bad blood as she claimed that “her sex-hungry” superiors were constantly soliciting for sex, from her and the other minors in the circle.

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