Mistress torments lover’s wife

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Mistress torments lover’s wife Women shouting at each other. Image taken from Psychology today


Danisa Masuku
A woman from Tshabalala suburb is fed up of being physically attacked and branded a prostitute by her husband’s lover.

Kelsina Chikukwa claims Isabel Ndiweni has been a headache in her marital life and has caused a strain on her marriage.

Chikukwa says Ndiweni is in love with her husband and she is plotting to destroy her marriage as she is in the habit of sending a string of hurtful WhatsApp messages labelling her a prostitute.

Ndiweni confronts her at her home and causes a scene as she shouts obscenities at her and physically attacks her. Chikukwa claims her love rival has the guts to come to her home in her absence and give her children food.

Chikukwa does not want her children to be given food by Ndiweni and she fears that she could poison them.

Western Commonage Court

To put an end to the verbal and physical abuse, Chikukwa applied for a protection order at the Western Commonage Court.

“My name is Kelsina Chikukwa, I’m applying for a protection order against Isabel Ndiweni. She is in the habit of sending me a string of WhatsApp messages insulting me and at times she confronts me at my home and brags of being in love with my husband and she calls me a prostitute.

“This has caused a strain between me and my husband. She even comes to my home during my absence and gives my children food. I’m afraid she will poison them. Therefore I’m applying for a protection order,” she said.

The presiding magistrate Shepherd Mnjanja granted Chikukwa a protection order. Ndiweni was ordered not to go to Chikukwa’s home and she was also barred from physically and verbally abusing her.

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