Michael Kata’s naked truth

21 May, 2021 - 00:05 0 Views
Michael Kata’s naked truth Mr Kata


Langalakhe Mabena
Rapper-cum-fashionista Mr Kata has poured his heart out about cheating in relationships on his Facebook timeline.

From his sentiments, Kata, who owns fashion clothing line Zvanhuwa Fashion, believes that social media with its memes and hashtags has given people a wrong impression that cheating is the deal through tags such as #UmjoloThePandemic.

“Today I just wanted to talk about cheating. I know everybody these days takes it lightly with social media memes and hashtags like #Umjolothepandemic.

“But cheating has serious repercussions on some people’s lives especially those in committed relationships.

“It’s something that can mentally damage someone beyond repair and it can affect so many lives beyond the two people who are supposedly involved.

“Children, in-laws, siblings, your next lover and the community as a whole are affected especially if you’re influential,” wrote Mr Kata on his timeline.

He said gender-based violence was caused mainly by cheating.

“A lot of gender-based violence is caused by cheating. When you cheat on someone, they lose respect for you then they start disrespecting you verbally.

“Sometimes they feel the need to revenge and show you they can do it too or do better than you, then you feel the need to assert your dominance by getting physical and the fight starts, it’s like an obvious pattern,” wrote Mr Kata.

Mr Kata warned those who are cheating that they must do away with the bad habit as it would never be a good thing.

“Cheating is not normal, even after 100 years from now it still won’t be normal unless some ‘real pandemic’ happens that eradicates all human emotions.

“Until then, people will get hurt, some will kill or commit suicide, some will lose their minds. So, when you’re cheating, just know that you’re playing with fire,” he wrote on his timeline.

In an interview with B-Metro, Mr Kata said he saw a need to speak out.

He said a friend’s experience moved him to talk about the topic at hand.

“I have a friend of mine who is going through a lot, his wife cheated on him. Because of that, he started drinking a lot and doing things in a nasty way.

“These things are happening and they are creating monsters out there. People must desist from cheating, before others, especially those who are hurt, commit suicide,” said Mr Kata.

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