Michael Jackson lives on

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Michael Jackson lives on SKHUMBUZO SIGOLA MJ


Keith Mlauzi 

MORE than a decade after the death of Michael Jackson, a local dancer is keen to preserve Jackson’s legacy alive. 

Skhumbuzo Sigola (26) is one young man on a mission to bring back the dead to life as he plans to rekindle MJ’s fire that has since died down.

The dancer claims he can do everything that MJ did, he can move and dance just like him.

“There is nothing MJ did that I cannot do,” said Sigola.

Sigola said dance moves were in-born. He just perfected them by simply watching Michael Jackson dance on TV.

“Dancing is my thing. I was born a dancer and MJ helped me perfect my skills, all I did was watch him repeatedly on TV then I got most of my skills,” he added.

In a bid to preserve MJ’s legacy, Sigola has recruited four boys that he trains on how to dance and move just like Michael Jackson.

“I have realised that MJ is not taken seriously in Zimbabwe so I am trying to bring back his relevance and preserve his legacy by training more dancers that will keep the fire burning,” he said.

With all this talent Sigola feels he is not appreciated enough in his home town.

“When I was in South Africa I used to get gigs. I wish I could say the same about Zimbabwe,” he added.

“Most people think this is a joke but what they don’t know is that there is class in my dances,” said Sigola.

Sigola says he is more than just an impersonator but he is the actual MJ living in Zimbabwe.

“I am not just an impersonator but I am Michael Jackson living in Zimbabwe. I feel him in me everyday, he lives right inside of me,” he added.

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