Meyiwa’s daughter struggles with fees . . . Senzo’s first-born child says her father was everything to her, and took great care of all her needs

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Meyiwa’s daughter struggles with fees . . . Senzo’s first-born child says her father was everything to her, and took great care of all her needs


LIFE has not been the same since her dad died.

And she sometimes goes to school without a lunch box.

Now Senzo Meyiwa’s oldest daughter Namhla (14) is asking SunReaders for help.

Speaking to Daily Sun in the presence of her gogo, Ntombifuthi and her uncle, Sfiso, she said she had been living with the family since she was eight months old.

“I am currently in Grade 9. My biggest problem is my lunch box for school. I sometimes go to school without any food in my lunch box.

“My grandmother and uncle try, but it sometimes becomes too difficult for them. As a result, I end up going to school without lunch,” she said.

Namhla said she also walked three kilometres to school.

“I get tired, but I don’t have a choice because there’s no money for transport. Life is not the same without my father.

“He was my everything and I was never short of anything. But things changed after his death. I never struggled when he was around. My dream is to become a pilot and make my dad proud,” she said.

Namhla was speaking to Daily Sun during the official hand over of Senzo’s book, Decoding 666_9: The Inexplicable Life of Senzo Meyiwa, which was held at Senzo’s home in Umlazi, KZN.

She said the thing she remembered the most about her dad was his good spirit.

“He’d take me out and spend time with me whenever he was around. I enjoyed watching movies with him and he’d pamper me with gifts afterwards.

“I was assured of presents on Christmas and birthdays, but it’s now all over,” she said.

Senzo’s mum, Ntombifuthi, confirmed she was indeed struggling.

“I never thought I’d struggle like this. Senzo was the breadwinner and he took care of everything, including kids. But I’m struggling because I can’t even afford Namhla’s school fees. As it is, a stranger paid her school fees and took care of other school necessities.

“She can’t even afford a lunch box to school and I’m worried this might affect her studies in the long run,” said Ntombifuthi.

She said a Good Samaritan paid the school fees directly to the school.

“I’ve never met her and don’t want to expose her name, but I appreciate what she did,” she said.

Ntombifuthi said she helped where she could, but it was not enough.

“I don’t work and survive on my pension, but it’s not enough. I have to buy monthly groceries plus my medication,” she said

“I’m pleading with the public or any Good Samaritan to assist in whatever way they can. I know Senzo had big dreams for his children and I don’t want to fail him.”

Ntombifuthi said Namhla’s mum lived in another section in Umlazi.

“Senzo has been taking care of his daughter from a very young age. He paid all the damages (inhlawulo) to the family of Namhla’s mum and as a result, Namhla came to live with us,” she said.

Ntombifuthi said Senzo trusted them with his daughter.

“We’d like to continue taking care of his child, just like he did. Her mother does not work.”

Senzo’s brother Sfiso said they were aware of Namhla’s daily struggles.

“We live with her. Unfortunately, the guardian fund has not paid out as yet and we don’t have enough money. We can only do so much,” he said.

When Daily Sun wanted to speak to Namhla’s mum, Ntombifuthi said she did not want her to get mixed-up with the newspapers.

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