Meet the Prince of Soul

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Meet the Prince of Soul MJ Sings


Langalakhe Mabena
He has been around in the local music scene for a while now, contributing enormously to the growth of local Soul music, but many are still yet to see what Mncedisi Ncube otherwise known as MJ Sings is capable of doing every time he is behind a microphone.

MJ Sings

When he first staged his live concert back in 2020 at a mini-balcony at Garden Court, many didn’t get enough of soulful love ballads by MJ Sings, an artiste who has gained the moniker of the Prince of Soul in Bulawayo.


As the world is now on a new normal, adjusting to life after the Covid 19 scourge, fans ran a petition on social media for MJ Sings to stage an unplugged live session and they vowed to be in full force behind him.

The supportive gesture by fans has inspired MJ Sings to face his fears once more and stage a gig dubbed The Prince of Soul, a red-carpet event which will be staged on 23 July, at a secret venue.

Speaking to B-Metro showbiz, MJ Sings said, “staging a one-man show is an idea that was born in 2019 in partnership with Dab Three Events but it started in a small Balcon Garden Court in 2020.

“We did a virtual live session at Banff Lodge and the reviews from the audience pushed me to find a way of getting it to the people after lockdown as they also ran a petition for me to honour them with such a concert.

“The idea came about after a realisation that there were no spaces that catered for Soulful Live performances in the city apart from cover bands, so, I decided to start my own events,” said MJ Sings.

MJ Sings is a versatile creative, he is a performer and a song writer, in that manner, on the day of the concert he will be performing his own songs as well as compositions he wrote for other creatives like South Africa’s Bongo Maffin member Speedy.

Soul music

“I have written a couple of songs over the years, so I will be performing songs that people already know as well as some compositions that are not yet released.

“I have also written songs for other artistes so I will sing those songs in my own versions.

The aim is to embrace and celebrate our original music and then package it for the world.

“Fans should brace themselves and be ready to be thrilled and entertained. Love will be ignited during the concert,” said the crooner.

MJ Sings’ passion for music developed while he was at a tender age.

He grew up listening to old school songs from artistes such as Boyz to Men, Joe Thomas, Mbaqanga Kings Soul Brothers, Lovemore Majaivana, Mtukudzi, Sani Makhalima, to mention a few.

On his early years in his career, MJ Sings said the game was a bit difficult for him to manoeuvre because most of his agemates preferred doing and listening to Hip Hop while he chose Soul.

Creating the product that he always wanted (Soul music) was tough in the early stages but he was blessed to meet producers such as Murphy Cubic who have helped him to realise his dream.

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