Meet Murewa the DeMbare Blue super fan

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Meet Murewa the DeMbare Blue super fan Rodger “Murewa” Dietrechsen


Fungai Muderere
THIS is the story of one man’s two decades love for all things blue, a shade of DeMbare Blue to be precise.

He may not meet the profile of a typical Dynamos fan, but Rodger Dietrechsen, born 50 years ago in Bulawayo, may be the only football fan in Zimbabwe who can make the case that his love for his team is truly the only thing that matters to him!

On any given day, Murewa as his friends at Dynamos call him, can be found in some sort of Dynamos regalia: from replica jerseys to face masks to caps to scarfs! All in his favourite DeMbare Blue shade!

And he is by no means apologetic about his obsession, the shade he calls DeMbare Blue.

“Since the early 90s I have supported Dynamos. And during that time, I have built up an extensive collection of items in my favourite DeMbare blue colours. I have everything: shirts, replicas, scarfs, t- shirts and masks. If it’s DeMbare blue I own it. Every single day for the last 18 years I have made sure that whatever I am putting on is either DeMbare Blue or is a replica,” Murewa proudly reveals.

“I don’t know for sure how many clothing items I have, but what I do know is that every single day I put on something Dynamos. Without fail!” said Murewa whose grandfather is Dutch.

All things being equal, the 50-year-old Famona resident, who has two siblings who do not suffer football, arguably deserves being inducted into the club’s Fans Hall of Fame with the likes of the late Dynamos super fan, Taribo!
And boy does he miss Taribo: “That was one of the best friends I ever had the honour to meet at Barbourfields Stadium. He had a heart of gold,” Murewa said about the late super fan.

“I have a brother who is a professional hunter and a sister, but neither of them wants to hear about football.”
Murewa has faithfully followed the Glamour Boys since watching his first Dynamos game when his side played against Black Rhinos in Harare.

“It’s been so long I can’t remember the exact year, but my introduction to Dynamos was against Black Rhinos in Harare and since then, I’ve been a Blue Boy. I had briefly lived there in the 1990s and one day attended a football match and bam I fell in love with DeMbare Blue”

The Bulawayo native and die-hard fan could very well reschedule his own brain surgery or funeral so he could watch his beloved Dynamos.

“If I needed to have brain surgery and DeMbare was playing on the same day, I would ask them to let me watch the game first. So even if I die and my burial falls on a Sunday when DeMbare are in town, please remind them to let me watch the game first then they can bury me;” Murewa says in jest.

A father of two children who both live in South Africa, was born at United Bulawayo Hospitals’ Lady Rodwell maternity clinic and loves the legendary Dembare pair of Kallisto Pasuwa and Moses Chunga to death!

“For me the best ever coach at Dynamos was Kallisto Pasuwa and Moses Chunga is the best player who ever played for us,” asserts Murewa who speaks fluent Ndebele and Shona.

Murewa is self-employed and builds and repairs mining equipment such as stamp mills, bore mills, crushers and conveyors.

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