Matters of the vajayjay

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Matters of the vajayjay


Nhlalwenhle Ncube-Sithole

IT is important to have the right information about your vajayjay and to take care of it the same way you do your face or hair. The woman’s body is very glorious and you become more confident if everything is in the right state as it makes you feel good.

I know some women don’t know quite a lot of things about their vajayjay and they get even more confused by myths on the streets. The vajayjay is a lovely part of your body and it is pertinent you know it well. It is unfortunate that some people got a lot of unrealistic expectations on the vajayjay because they do not know it well.

It’s funny that there are some people who think urine comes out of the vajayjay. There is an opening called the urethral opening and is the one that you use to urinate. This urethral opening is often small, so that’s why some assume women urinate from the vajayjay.

Do not be shocked when the vajayjay “farts”. Yes, vajayjay farts happen! Have you ever experienced this? Women are unique! The correct word is actually “queefing” but I used the word “fart” as it is more relatable. It’s like an uncontrollable emission of air from the vajayjay which sounds like a fart.

When you see pictures of vulvas, do not be worried that it’s not the same as yours. Vulvas come in different sizes and there is beauty in diversity. Embrace yours because there are different beautiful sizes.

I remember growing up, I used to think that women whose underwear turn whitish are not smart enough. There are ladies with underwear with bleached parts and many people tend to misjudge them. Thank God for mental and intellectual growth, all this time I was wrong. “Bleaching” of your panties is caused by the acid in the vaginal discharge. Amazingly, the normal pH, or what is mostly considered as the “healthy” pH level for a vajayjay is more on the acidic side and all thanks to the good bacteria called lactobacilli. Therefore, bleaching of your panties not only proves your cookie is cleaning itself properly, but you are healthy.

Then there is the issue of vajayjay size. It is said the size and shape can fluctuate when horny. Have you noticed that? Try remembering to check the next time you are horny. But for real, it expands a little in anticipation of the manhood. The biological explanation is that the uterus is pulled upward, which changes the position of the cervix, allowing the vajayjay to become longer.

It’s not creepy to look at your vajayjay in the mirror. Honestly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I feel like the society creates this unhealthy mental environment where women feel much attention shouldn’t be given to their vajayjay in terms of admiration. How are you going to know down there well if you don’t look at it?

Your pubic hair serves a purpose.

Before you shave off all the hair down there again, know that your pubic hair serves a very important “strange” purpose. It serves as a protective barrier to genital tissues, particularly the sensitive vaginal opening. As well as providing a protective barrier, it also acts as a buffer against friction. Shaving can leave tiny and easily microscopic wounds on the skin, temporarily rising one’s risk of infection so be careful. But come to think of it, why would you leave the entrance to your great vajayjay completely shaved and vulnerable? When shaving next time, leave some tiny hairs to stay safe.

Sorry, no vajayjay smells like perfume.

I know this gets some people worried because their cookies do not smell in a particular way. The smell down there is largely affected by one’s lifestyle and biological makeup, diet and environment. If you eat garlic, you will smell like garlic down there. If you are very observant, you will notice that what you eat most time reflects in the smell emanating from there. If you take lots of fruits, it’s going to be fruity down there. If a scarf were to be tied on your eyes and several women brought before you to decipher who your mum is among them, I bet a lot of us would do that correctly! Why? Every human has a distinct smell popularly called “the signature odour” not the bad one, but the one which would even help you point out your mother quickly. So the vajayjay is always going to smell like YOU.

Other factors that can determine that personal vajayjay smell are the fabrics you wear, gland secretions, level of hygiene and personal blend of internal bacteria.

The other truth is that the vajayjay can get sweaty for everyone. If you gym a lot or carry out exercises, you will totally relate to this. In most cases when it gets really sweaty, you can feel the trickles of the sweat on your panties. Don’t be scared my love. The vajayjay also sweats.

Let’s wake up from myths we have probably heard and believed unconsciously. You can’t lose anything in the vajayjay by using tampons as some feel it might get lost in there. But wait! Get lost and go where? The cervical opening, under most circumstances, is far too small to allow anything to pass through and if it did, you would know it so you don’t have to worry about that.

The issue of starving your partners must stop because the vajayjay does not get loose if you have tons of sex. Please tell whoever told you this to go and sit down. If it is true, our mothers’ vajayjay would all be looking like an open well of water by the time they are in their 50s. The vajayjay is elastic and would always get back to its normal healthy tightness almost immediately after sex. It only changes after childbirth.

The cervical opening can change a little in appearance. A full baby came out of there and remember some women go through the C-section. The vajayjay sure deserves some accolades. Doctors also advise women to avoid penetration at least six weeks after childbirth and in cases where there was a tear during delivery, the woman is to wait until she is completely healed before she starts having sex.

Take care of your whole body and always know your vajayjay well. Eat well to keep it smelling good.

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