Master the touch map route

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Master the touch map route


HAVE you ever wanted to have a map that would outline the best way to touch your man to make him crave you?

You must explore the secret erogenous zones of your mans’ body that will take him from feeling aroused mildly to I can’t wait to make love to you.

I genuinely believe that men want and need to be aroused, touched and desired just as much as women do.

However, the way you arouse a man is different from the way you turn a woman on. At least most of the time.

Touch is the quickest path to his heart
If you were to randomly ask a man whether or not physical touch is essential. The majority of them would say it’s vital. For most, physical touch is their primary need and that’s how they feel and express their love.

So it’s a must-use and you have to use it often. When you do that, you are going to really activate a place in your man’s heart where he’s going to feel appreciated.

When he gets tempted to have wandering eyes, he will be disturbed by the thought of your magic touch because it’s the best map on a man’s body.

He is a man, which means that the quickest path to his heart is through his sexual energy and through his manhood. Of course women love to have the entire body stimulated first, then feel comfortable with the partner moving towards the privates. Well for men it’s different, do it reverse, the opposite way. This is because in their minds they will be wondering if you will touch him down there. So if you give his manhood some attention first, then he can start to relax. And that’s the starting point.

From there, you can give the rest of his body some really exquisite attention. His nervous system is calming down, he knows you are giving him what he craves.

Now, when you are touching his manhood you don’t have to be jerking him off, quickly. Think more creatively.

Place one hand on his balls and one on his manhood. Watch him melt as he gets the attention he wants. Start with light caresses and go over his whole pelvic area giving it some thorough, loving attention.

After you are done with this and he’s more settled, then you can start to move on to the different areas of his body. You can spread the energy on his entire body so that you can start to train him to move sexual energy in his whole body.

Perfect touch will definitely blow his mind.

It’s so fascinating how much tension we can hold in our heads and on our scalp. Give his scalp and his hair some attention, brush and play with it.

Ears are also full of acupressure points and they don’t get touched often. Men and women alike will enjoy this. Pull on his ear lobes. Nibble on them or simply apply some gentle pressure. There is a connection between the tension in his jaw and then the tension in his body. Often when you massage a man’s jawline, he starts to relax deeply. As soon as he is relaxed, he begins to have an erection. So that’s another fantastic way to stimulate his erection.

Sometimes it feels just so good to be grabbed by the neck. From a gentle to a deeper hold, it can be really amazing. Especially if you start to link together all the zones that I have mentioned.

Move from the back of his neck to the side of his jawline. Then go to his ears and back to the top of his head and into the hair. His physical heart is located right there. So by touching his chest, you will help him feel more love.

You don’t have to tell him anything, but just have the intention of awakening his heart when you are touching him.

You want to focus on the sacrum area, at the bottom of the spine. There are a lot of nerve endings that go through the sacrum and also irrigate his genitals. The sacrum can take a lot of pressure.

Next, it’s a place of massive tension and it doesn’t get touched much — give your man’s gluts some deep pressure and also lighter caresses. Guaranteed to wake him up. This kind of touch will help him get into his body and feel his sexual energy.

This head-to-toe journey wouldn’t be complete without giving his feet some attention. According to reflexology, you can map someone’s entire body on their feet.

Now you don’t have to know it all, just follow your intuition.

Focus on the areas just under the ankle bones on the inside of both feet. This area is linked to the prostate and manhood. The zone around his ankles is a direct energy channel to his sexual organs.

Start gently with slow thumb circles to unleash his fire.

Remember to have fun and always be creative. Those erogenous zones are not exhaustive. Enjoy what you are doing and watch his body become more and more receptive to your touch and to your love. If you stick to the touch map route, you will definitely be able to sexually torture your man and give him what he has always craved for in bed.


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