Maskandi in fight against Covid-19

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Maskandi in fight against Covid-19 Mhlambi Wezinja


Danisa Masuku
AFTER seeing the scary rise of the Covid-19 cases in the country, Maskandi artistes joined hands to produce a single track titled Covid-19.

Hloniphani Ndlovu, who is better known as Mhlambi Wezinja and Co that include Haqaza, Gazi Elimnyama, Iqhathanzipho,Bhamuza, Bhekimageza and Maqhuzu joined forces and produced a track that highlights the dangers that people expose themselves to by disregarding Covid-19 regulations and guidelines.

Speaking to B-Metro a representative of the artistes, Mhlambi Wezinja said the single track was meant to change behaviour of reckless people and warn them that by being irresponsible they would be dicing with death.

He said they observed that people and sadly children were oblivious of the stinging impact of the deadly coronavirus.

“For example in townships one could see children playing street soccer or social games in the street disregarding social distancing. One wonders what would happen if for example a child catches coronavirus. This means most of them would be affected, ultimately the whole community would be affected,” he said.

He said the song advocates behaviour change.

“The song advises people to change their behaviour and practise social distancing and always sanitise their hands. The track also urges parents to be responsible and not to allow their children to play in the streets because coronavirus kills,” he said.

The song also highlights that parties and shebeens are a breeding ground for the coronavirus.

“There are some people who still hold parties in the evening defying the dusk to dawn curfew that was effected to contain the deadly virus. Sadly some people still operate shebeens and they don’t know that such places are a breeding ground of the coronavirus. In the song we advise people to stay at home so that this virus can be contained,” he said.

He said they use social media as a vehicle to reach out to their wide fan base.

“We are using social media networks that include WhatsApp and Facebook to reach out to our fans who are in different places. The single track will go a long way in creating awareness because through social media we have received massive feedback from our fans who are dotted around the country,” he said.

He said the track is receiving fair airplay on local radio stations and is upbeat that the message would be put across.

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