Married ex stops girlfriend from moving on

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Married ex stops girlfriend from moving on


Nhlalwenhle Ncube

IT can only be me, me and me!

Ephraim Ncube disappointed Sipho Ndebele when he got married to another woman but he doesn’t want her to move on with her life. 

He monitors her every move and if she gives him unsatisfactory answers about her dealings she earns a beating. 

The powerless Ndebele was left with no choice but to run to the courts in a bid to get her freedom and move on with her life.

“I have problems with my ex-boyfriend. He is married to another woman but is refusing to free me. We parted ways when he got married to his new wife. He does not want to see me talking to men and always assaults me for that. He is causing problems in my life by continuously phoning and texting me,” said Ndebele.

She further revealed that Ncube was threatening her with unspecified action and that had caused her to live in fear. 

“Can he be stopped from verbally and emotionally abusing me? He must stop communicating and stalking me,” begged Ndebele.

In response, Ncube said: “It is true that we used to have a relationship. I do not understand why she says I threaten her. We used to have differences during the course of our relationship.

“She had problems with my wife after she saw our messages.”

Western Commonage magistrate Stephen Ndlovu granted an interim order.

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