Mankunzini a wanted man

13 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Mankunzini a wanted man Dumisani Mankunzini


Raymond Jaravaza
JAIL could be the next destination for infamous Dumisani Mankunzini, the ex-cricketer.

He is a wanted man by local police, on the orders of a Bulawayo court, for failing to appear in court on fraud charges.

If the ex-cricketer, who has a long documented history of court appearances and arrests on numerous fraud charges, does not give the court a plausible reason why he didn’t pitch up in court, he will be jailed.

The warrant of arrest is related to a case where Mankunzini is accused of swindling a Bulawayo woman of more than R23 000 in a botched deal.

He was arrested sometime in September last year, accused of defrauding Phindile Ncube of her money and was released on $20 000 bail.

He was expected back in court on a later date the following month but failed to turn up in court.

B-Metro tracked the retired cricket player and he claimed to be out of Bulawayo and unaware of the warrant of arrest.

His warrant of arrest can be seen at the Bulawayo Central Police Station, among other offenders who are also wanted for evading court on numerous charges.

He declined to tell this publication if he had attended his scheduled court appearances, promising to get back to this reporter.

He never did.

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