Mandie Mae is back

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Mandie Mae is back Mandie Mae


Langalakhe Mabena
Zim Dancehall rising sensation Mandie Mae aka Bad Gyal is back with a new track set to rock the airwaves and replicate the success of her previous single 99 Percent that topped radio charts.

Love Me for Me is the empress’ fifth single and it’s scheduled for release early on Friday (12 November) with the audio and visuals being availed to the public concurrently.

The track rides on an infectious dancehall rhythm.

In the song, Mandie Mae is asking to be loved for who she is rather than being asked to change her character.

“The fact that people have made an image of how a female should be like and expect everyone to be like that especially image wise is not realistic.

“Every female has her own way of portraying herself and I feel people should love them for who they are,” said Mandie Mae speaking on what made her come up with the tune.

“The song also talks about not being able to accept yourself and it is also the reason why other people will fail to accept you for who you are.

“For other people to love you for who you truly are, you should love yourself first and embrace it,” she said.

Mandy Mae revealed that despite the track being her fifth single, she is not yet thinking of releasing an album.

Born Nomagugu Amanda Nkomo, Mandie Mae (Bad Gyal) is an Afro-Reggae and Afro-Dancehall artiste, dancer and pianist who also dabbles in acting.

Her music career set off in late 2018 with the release of her smash single, Mash up Di Place.

The song got her noticed thus attracting the necessary help to pursue her passion.

She managed to feature on the then monthly, Iyasa-organised, Credesi platform where she exhibited her raw potential that got people falling in love with her vibe in July last year.

She was nominated for Outstanding New Comer at the 2020 RoilBAAs.

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