Man throws stones, axes on neighbour’s roof

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Man throws stones, axes on neighbour’s roof


Hazel Marimbiza

A MAN from Magwegwe suburb in Bulawayo is tired of his neighbour who throws stones, axes and heavy metals every night on his roof due to his hatred for him.

Ronald Mathe said he was tired of Lelosy Ndlovu who throws objects at his house and sometimes damages his property.

Mathe said when Ndlovu started throwing stones he responded by threatening to get him arrested but this only worsened the situation.

“I am seeking a protection order because I am tired of Ndlovu who is in the habit of throwing deadly objects on my roof such as axes, stones and other heavy metals. I don’t know what his problem is and I believe this is just pure hatred for me. The most painful thing is that his weird behaviour leads to my property being damaged,” said Mathe.

He also revealed that he now feared for his family.

“I am now living in fear because Ndlovu has taken it upon himself to insult and harass my family. He is a very violent man and I believe he can harm my family,” said Mathe.

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla ordered Ndlovu to refrain from verbally abusing, threatening violence and damaging Mathe’s property.

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