Man threatens to kill estranged wife after child’s death

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Man threatens to kill estranged wife after child’s death


Danisa Masuku
AN abusive man from Mabutweni suburb who accused his estranged wife of allegedly having killed their minor child tied her to the bed before beating her up with a belt.

Evernice Jacha said after the death of their child, her life was plunged into misery as her husband Tineyi Chamwaita would accuse her of being the reason behind the child’s death. He would also label her a prostitute.

Her marital woes mounted when she discovered that her husband had secretly married another woman. When she confronted him about the issue, he turned violent.

As a way of fixing her, he would tie her to their bed and hit her several times with a belt. As if that was not enough, he would also punch her with fists all over the body.

Seeing that she could not bear the abuse, Jacha had to seek refuge at her parents’ place. But Chamwaita would phone her while threatening to kill her.

He would also shout at her while accusing her of joining forces with her mother in killing their child. Having suffered enough of her husband’s abuse, Jacha sought a protection order against him.

“I’m applying for a protection order against my husband Tineyi Chamwaita. Our problems started soon after the death of our minor child. He would accuse me of having a hand in the death of the child.

“He would then tie me to the bed and hit me with a belt. Having failed to withstand the abuse I went back to my parents’ house and he would be phoning me while threatening to kill me. He also accused me of having connived with my mother to kill our minor child,” she said.

Jacha added: “I no longer want him near me. May this honourable court grant me a protection order so that he would stop abusing me and my mother.”

Chamwaita did not attend the court session, leading the presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube to grant Jacha an interim protection order which compels her husband not to phone her or visit her at her parents’ place.

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