Man threatens tenant with knife

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Man threatens tenant with knife


Danisa Masuku
A MAN who is renting a house in Nkulumane suburb, is living in fear because a man who claims to be the heir of the house, always comes to the house brandishing a knife, threatening to kill him if he does not move out.

Celani Moyo (45)stays in Nkulumane 11 suburb with his wife and two children and was offered the house to rent by a relative of the late who relocated to his rural area in Gokwe.

Moyo said they have been living peacefully at the house, but two weeks ago his life at home was altered from being peaceful to being sorrowful by Herbert Nyathi who claims to be the heir of the house.

Moyo said Nyathi frequents their rented home and would shout obscenities at him and his family.

He would go a gear up, ordering them to vacate the house.

He would threaten to stab Moyo. Moyo said at one point Nyathi found them having retired to bed and broke down the door and gained entry into the house and instructed them to leave his house.

Nyathi said they reported him to the police.

He went on to say the police from the Victim Friendly Unit (VFU) engaged him, but he could not refrain from that unbecoming behaviour. He tried to engage him, but his efforts were fruitless. As a result he decided to seek help from the Western Commonage civil court.

“My name is Celani Moyo. I’m applying for a peace order against Herbert Nyathi who claims to be the heir of the house. He always comes home drunk, brandishing a knife. He would threaten to kill me saying I want to take his house from him. He would shout obscenities at me and my family. Whenever we do not open the door for him he would bang on the door and at one point he broke it down. We are living in fear of our lives. We pray that this court will intervene,” he said in his founding affidavit.

Herbert apologised for his wayward behaviour.

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