Man goes beserk at birthday party

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Man goes beserk at birthday party


Danisa Masuku

PARTY spoiler!

Mhlawempi Masuku (41) brought his 83-year-old grandmother’s birthday party celebrations to a sudden halt after he kicked and broke a glass door, charged at his grandmother and tried to stab her with a knife.

The dramatic incident happened in Newton West suburb on Saturday last week at around 7.30pm.

Nobesuthu Ndlovu (36) said her cousin (Masuku) got drunk and picked his grandmother’s walking stick and a pair of scissors while unleashing insults at everyone.

He then picked a knife and threatened to stab everyone at the party as he charged towards them, causing everyone who had gathered for celebrations to scurry for cover.

Masuku went for the glass door and kicked it, shattering it to pieces in the process. He charged at his granny while threatening to stab her with a knife.

Masuku’s aunt Zanele Ndebele said: “While we were busy posing for photos, Mhla (Masuku), who was visibly drunk reached for the knife and charged towards my mother intending to stab her. I had to restrain him and took the knife from him. We then scolded him and he calmed down.”

After a few minutes Masuku, who seemed to be on a mission to stab his granny, picked a scissors and charged towards the granny. Zanele restrained him.

He was not done yet as he turned to Nobesuthu’s boyfriend, Takudzwa Musengi (37), who ran for his dear life while he pursued him.

Musengi said: “He charged at me while threatening to stab me with a pair of scissors, my mother-in-law quickly restrained him and took away the scissors and the knife.”

Bulawayo deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident: “I can confirm that we arrested a man who wanted to stab his 83-year-old granny and his son-in-law during her grandmother’s birthday party celebrations.”

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