Man forces step-daughter into prostitution?

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Man forces step-daughter into prostitution? Rethabile Ncube


Gibson Mhaka 

A SEEMINGLY emotionally scarred woman made shocking revelations that she was impregnated because of her step-father who was always making demands that she should bring groceries home.

Rethabile Ncube (24) claimed she didn’t complete her Advanced Level studies after she was apparently forced into the “flesh trade” by her step-father Robert Nkhata.

She revealed this after her stepfather had approached the court seeking her eviction from his house claiming she was disrespecting him as her father.

“I am no longer able to live with my step-daughter Rethabile Ncube whom I have been taking care of since she was three years old. She is now 24 years old. She is very rude and arrogant towards me. She backbites me and won’t take instructions from me. She insults me and her mother supports her. I once engaged my in-laws to no avail. 

“I now fear for my life that I can be poisoned or accused of rape because most of the time when schools open her mother won’t be around and we spend most of the time together at home.  She has vowed not to leave my house and I want her evicted as she is also alleging that I abuse her. I no longer want anything to do with her as she does not regard me as her father,” explained Nkhata.

He said he had tried to create an environment where as a  family they all respect each other but his step-daughter was making his life miserable.

Giving her evidence, Rethabile said her step-father was the one emotionally abusing her.

“He is the one who is emotionally abusing me. My father is overseas and has not been maintaining me. I was impregnated because he (Nkhata) was making demands that I should bring groceries home. I did not finish my Advanced Levels because of that (pregnancy),” said Rethabile.

In a bid to make the two (Nkhata and Rethabile) smoke the peace pipe, the presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga suggested that they should go for counselling but Nkhata refused saying he had had enough of his step-daughter’s subversive behaviour.

“She refused to apologise and both of them with her mother are not talking to me,” he said.

Nkhata’s further submissions led the magistrate to grant an order which requires her (Rethabile) to vacate his house in Magwegwe North with the assistance of a police officer.

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