Man fears arson threat

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Man fears arson threat


Danisa Masuku
A MAN from Pumula North suburb is living in fear after his nephew who is in the habit of insulting him threatened to lock him inside his house and burn him to death.

Alfred Dube said his nephew Ndabezinhle Ncube is in the habit of visiting him during the night whenever he comes from drinking. And he would insult him while accusing him of cooking up a story that he stole his property and sold it.

Ndabezinhle would not stop at that as he would threaten to lock him inside his house during the night and set it alight so that he would die.

Fearing for his life Alfred had to seek a protection order against his troublesome nephew.

“I’m applying for a protection order against my nephew Ndabezinhle Ncube who has become a thorn in my life. He is in the habit of visiting me during the night while he would be dead drunk and would accuse me of lying that he steals my property and sells it,” he said.

Alfred added: “At the height of the fracas he would rant saying he would lock me inside the house and set it ablaze so that I would burn into ashes. He usually insults me saying I’m a useless person who is in the habit of lying about him.

“May the court assist me by ordering him to stop insulting me and threatening to burn me into ashes and to also stop him from visiting my house. And stealing my property.”

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Alfred a protection order against his nephew. Ndabezinhle was ordered not to verbally abuse his uncle and to refrain from threatening to kill him. He was ordered not to visit his uncle at his house.


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