Man condemned to paralysis

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Man condemned to paralysis Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa


Raymond Jaravaza
FAMILY, by nature, is supposed to look out for each other in good and bad times but for a Binga man, his misfortune is at the hands of his own blood and flesh.

The man (name supplied) suffered a stroke last year and has been bed ridden ever since.

For all he knew it was a medical condition that only medical professionals could help him with.

Last week, he got the shock of his life when he was told by a prophet that the paralysis was the work of his own brother.

The brothers have been fighting over a family inheritance for years.

Their late father left a herd of cattle and the two have been bickering over how the inheritance should be shared.

A video has gone viral of the troubled man telling congregants at a church event how his life had been miserable since the death of his father.

“I have been bedridden for a year now, doctors said it was a stroke and I took it (the diagnosis) at face value, after all they are the medical professionals and they know best,” he says.

Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa asked the man for permission to go to his homestead to prove that the paralysis was no medical condition.

The man had been brought to the shrine on a scotch cart.

The video shows the prophet walking around the man’s yard, with the man pushed in a wheelbarrow, telling onlookers how he was suffering.

“Why are you fighting with your brother over your late father’s cattle and goats? Look at what the fights have done to you.

cattle and goats

“Your own brother wants you dead and asked a sangoma to use muti on you so that you get paralysed.

“Your brother ran away when he heard that we were coming to your homestead.

Why?” asks the prophet.

He later prayed for the man to get rid of the muti that caused the paralysis.

“You are not paralysed, it’s the work of your brother and his sangoma,” Madzibaba Mutumwa is heard saying.

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