Man assaults wife with bottle and axe

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Man assaults wife with bottle and axe


Hazel Marimbiza

For several years Sinobuhle Ndlovu has remained silent while being abused by her husband James Ndlovu but this time she is fed up.

Sinobuhle made shocking revelations that James assaults her with beer bottles and with an axe.

Most nights James reportedly returns home drunk and starts assaulting Sinobuhle with his beer bottle when she questions him on where he had been.

As if that is not enough he grabs an axe and throws it at her, then threatens to use the axe to kill her, forcing her to behave in a manner that pleases him.

“My husband is abusing me, he comes home drunk and starts insulting me using vulgar language.

He also assaults me using weapons like beer bottles and throws an axe at me, while threatening to kill me,” said Sinobuhle.

She further revealed that her husband was in the habit of selling her property.

“He has also taken some of my property for sale, and now he is threatening to take the rest of the property and move away,” said Sinobuhle.

In his response James pleaded guilty.

“I admit to all the allegations and I ask for forgiveness,” said James.

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla granted an interim order in which he ordered the respondent to refrain from physically, verbally and emotionally abusing his wife.

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