Malajila leaves club in a huff

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Malajila leaves club in a huff Cuthbert Malajila


Raymond Jaravaza   

HE lasted just five months and Zimbabwean player Cuthbert Malajila has called it quits at South African second tier league side Black Leopards for reasons he says he will divulge soon. 

Malajila joined Black Leopards at the beginning of the 2019/20 season but before the season has ended, the player has packed his bags citing “differences between him and the club”.

“Yes, we parted ways in January. It’s part of the game, you know this game, it’s always like this. We agreed because it was not working for me and for them,” said Malajila. 

Asked if game-time was one of the reasons he cut short his stay with the club, the player was diplomatic in his response.

“Either way, you know when you are not playing, they also ask you why are you not playing. You know I’m a professional player. If I have to tell you why I quit, we’ll have to speak end of December.

“I don’t want to say much as a player but there was a lot. But I don’t want to speak about it now, let me leave it. End of season you can ask me and I will let you know.

“Sometimes you have to do the best for the team and the best for you, do you understand what I’m saying? So I think it was the best for me. It was the best for them I guess,” he told South African publication 

Malajila, who managed only four appearances at Leopards, says at the moment he is training by himself waiting for offers.

“I’ve been travelling a lot to come to Jozi (Johannesburg) to see my family you know, so sometimes I feel like I was supposed to be with my family for some time,” he said. 

The 34-year-old says he is available to any team from any province.

“In football sometimes you can’t choose. I just want to play football. You know in this game you travel and it’s not like I have to play in Gauteng. So no, I’m not choosing, No! No!”

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