MaKhumalo music visuals released

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MaKhumalo music visuals released Berita and Bekezela


Langalakhe Mabena
Afro soul fanatics have been longing for the release of the music video of MaKhumalo, and finally the project which is a wedding piece done by South Africa-based Zimbabwean musos Berita Khumalo and Bekezela is finally out.

The visuals of the song which features on Berita’s Songs On The Key of Love offering (inspired by Stevie Wonder’s 1971 album) was released on Wednesday 11 November on You Tube.

The song is meant to celebrate the Bulawayo type of a cultural wedding and it has become a strong force on local radio stations as it enjoys a good share of airwaves.

“Two years ago, Bekezela came to my home studio and he had an idea of a song, we started jamming around guitar rhythms and MaKhumalo was born.

“Bekezela and I go a long way, my first gig in Johannesburg was opening the stage for his live unplugged concert in 2011 at Carlton Centre.

“I have always admired his craft, passion and tenacity over the years,” said Berita explaining how the song was hatched.

If one gives an ear to the masterpiece, Ndebele culture, mostly in the aspect of poetry is used to bring out the “love” feeling of the song.

“The devices used on the song was to maintain the Ndebele culture and the final product came out clear as the message we wanted to send,” said Bekezela.

As they had an intention of shooting the music video in the city of Kings, the Covid-19 pandemic became an obstacle as the two artistes couldn’t travel to their hometown for the “special” shoot of the project.

An in-house studio shoot was then taken as a second option.

“We wanted to shoot the video in Bulawayo on different sites that preserve the Ndebele culture so as to allow the meaning of the song and the visuals connect in sending out the intended message.

“However, because of the Covid-19 lockdown and its restrictions we then opted to shoot the video in an in-house studio,” said Bekezela.

With a long history together from way back before the fame with musical moments shared at their church (Guta RaMwari), Bekezela and Berita are set to continue in doing more collaborations together.

Berita is expected to feature on Bekezela’s upcoming project titled Unguthixo.

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