Makhoe Drey whips on Bulawayo fans

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Makhoe Drey whips on Bulawayo fans Makhoe Drey


Langalakhe Mabena
Unheralded Ntabazinduna-born Afro-Fusion musician based in Australia’s Capital Territory, Canberra, Makhoe Drey real name Makhosini Dominic Nkomo has taken a whip on local fans as he feels they are not supporting his music.

This comes after the Smomondiya hit-maker had to give a token of appreciation of R10 000 to a South African fan Lorra T after she took part on the month-long Smomondiya challenge on Instagram.

The competition was contested by fans through compiling a video either singing or dancing to the song Smomondiya with the most watched video winning the top prize, which went to Lorra T after her video generated over 5 000 views and 7 800 likes on Instagram. In a telephone interview from his base in the south of the hemisphere, Makhoe Drey revealed that he feels Bulawayo people do not support his music enough despite him trying hard to connect with them.

He said such negative responses from his home town has crippled a lot of talent as their music is not supported.

“Look, am not trying to be xenophobic here but I ran a R10 000 giveaway competition on Instagram mainly for my fans in Bulawayo as a manner of connecting with them and make my music familiar among them, but I had to give that prize money to a South African.

“Even from the numbers based on people who participated in the competition, most of them were from South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Zimbabwe and Germany in that order, I was hoping that my country will be on number one on that list but it was unfortunate,” said the anxious Makhoe Drey.

He proceeded, “It pains me a lot because as artistes we try by all means to please our fans but what do we get at the end of the day, nothing, this has killed a lot of talent and it has also led to most artistes migrating to other places like Mzansi where talent is appreciated.”

His concerns about lack of support from local fans doesn’t stop there, he also concurred that all his music views are standing on 143 000 on YouTube, from all those numbers, 110 000 are from a South African audience.

This might be because of his collaborations with South African artistes like Njabulo RSA who featured on Smomondiya remix.

“At the end of the day I don’t know which audience to associate with because my own people are deserting me and it gives me sleepless nights,” said Makhoe Drey.

Meanwhile, Makhoe Drey successfully dropped his much-anticipated album titled Usiba which boast of seven tracks.

“This is my first album and I am happy with the numbers it is generating on different music sites; it is personal to me as I talk about everything that I have faced in life,” he said.

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