Majalisa skeptical about the future of Splash

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Majalisa skeptical about the future of Splash


Langalakhe Mabena 

Township Disco otherwise known as Splash Music holds nostalgic memories to many of the western suburbs’ old folks, especially those who were bred in the late 80s and the 90s.

As Splash was the “in thing” during the heydays and mostly entertained people especially in shebeens and parties, the wave of the genre has even crossed to the current generation as it still proves to be fine and sounds new even to the 2000s.

The only difference between the old folks and the current breed who listen to Splash is that during the old days Splash artistes like Dan Tshanda, Matshikos, Patricia Majalisa, to mention a few, were consistent in releasing albums year after year.

Nowadays those who listen to the genre listen to old compositions as Splash artistes have not been consistent in releasing new music.

The queen of Splash Patricia Majalisa released her 17th album Akulalwa in 2012 which proved to be her last offering to be a hit, as her 2018 album Ithemba Lami didn’t penetrate much.

As she was the headlining act at a Splash gig in the city of kings last year in December, Majalisa who celebrates 34 years in the music industry was not certain about the future of Splash music.

Even talking about the legendary Dan Tshanda and the plans he had to uplift the genre before he retired to the grave, was a no-go area for Majalisa.

“If I am going to grant you this interview, don’t ask anything about Dan Tshanda,” said Majalisa on the sidelines of the gig.

Asked about when she is going to release an album, Majalisa was not even sure when she would drop her much-anticipated offering.

“I have been in the studio for a while recording music, once everything is ready the album will be released in 2020. I don’t know which month but fans must watch out for it,” she said.

However, despite the future of  Splash hanging in the balance after it slowly lost impact in its mother country South Africa, Majalisa honestly revealed that Bulawayo had become the backbone of Splash’s support system.

She even visits Bulawayo’s western suburbs to connect with her fans, in shebeens of course.

“Bulawayo has been giving us so much love for the past years and I am grateful with that, I make sure when I come here, I always visit townships as a way of connecting with Splash fans.

“I have been to Nketa 7 after a friend tipped me there is a vibrant shebeen spot there.  I also visited Makokoba and Mpopoma and met my old-time friend who has become family Bra Albert “Jomo” Mnkandla (a renowned shebeen king of the 80s and 90s),” said Majalisa.

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