Majaivana alive and well

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Majaivana alive and well Lovemore Majaivana


Bubelo Moyo

He is alive!

It’s almost 20 years since Lovemore “Majaivana” Tshuma dropped the mic to become a pastor in the United States of America (USA), hence, questions of his comeback on the music scene are asked day after day.

A Grade 3 textbook under the new curriculum, Best Approach to Performing and Arts by P Mkwebu and J Mataruse which was approved by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has confused the yesteryear great for dead.

The book’s illustration about an art visual and performing exercise captioned Majaivana as “dead and gone”.

It states, “The late Lovemore Majaivana, a singer from Bulawayo. His music entertained people after independence. It was mostly about life in the townships.

To rectify the mislead, Priority Projects Publishing (PPP) Operations Executive, Samuel Chuma posted a press statement on their Facebook timeline.

It reads, “PPP as a leading publishing house acknowledges the feedback on the Visual and Performing Arts Grade 3 Learner’s Book where Lovemore Majaivana was captioned as ‘The late’. We shall offer an official statement soon after we have done our investigations. PPP sincerely apologises for the emotional pain and trauma caused to Majaivana’s immediate family, Lovemore Majaivana himself and the country at large.

Magee announced his departure from the motherland in the early Y2Ks and relocating to a self-imposed exile in USA that now seems, and he has been quiet since his last release Isono sami.

In the song Yingwe bani, he has it on the lyrics that this was the death of him. 

“Umkhulu uyakufa lonyaka, Majaivana uyakufa lonyaka Thabani Majaha” (Majaivana is going to die this year, my haters be happy)

When the song was released in the year 2000, one would have mistaken the wise words for an oracle of Magee’s own soon coming death. 

The conundrum remains, why would he tell his beloved fans to be happy about his own death? Surely, he was relaying a different message when he said he was dying. 

Majaivana did not die physically in the year 2000 as he predicted on the song. 

Instead he has gone into a coma of sorts, a state in which fans are aware that he is alive but they have no way of interacting with him. 

The music icon now exists is a different world, one his local fans can’t access.

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