Mainline in relegation fight

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Mainline in relegation fight


Raymond Jaravaza

IT’S been a tough season for Mainline FC, whose dance with relegation throughout the 2019 Zifa Southern Region campaign has got the club leadership asking serious questions on what should be done to save the team from going down.

Relegation from the First Division will take the Plumtree-based team to Division Two, an outcome that will not sit well with the club supporters and sponsors alike.

South Africa-based co-director Jonathan Ndlovu said the unpleasant situation was forcing the leadership to contemplate making drastic changes to the squad by offloading some players and bringing in new faces.

“Mainline FC is a Plumtree venture not only because we are based there but it’s a community project that has the express blessings of the local people.

The team fishes its players from Plumtree town and surrounding areas and the technical team is made up of our local people so we can’t allow the team to go down.

“The results have not been good for a long time and everyone is worried.

We are looking to the player transfer window period to make serious changes that will hopefully change the situation that we are in.

“Hard decisions have to be made to save the team and we will not hesitate to do that,” said Ndlovu.

Mainline FC sits in 12th position with nine points since the start of the season and are a single point above fellow relegation threatened sides Arenel and Toronto.


Saturday: Mainline vs Binga Pirates (Plumtree) 3pm.

Makomo vs Bulawayo City (Hwange) 12 noon.

ZPC Hwange vs Mosi Rovers (Hwange) 12 noon.

Arenel vs Talen Vision (Crescent) 3pm.

Bosso90 vs Toronto (Crescent) 12 noon.

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