Mai Titi speaks on Tanzania fiasco

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Mai Titi speaks on Tanzania fiasco Mai Titi with Awilo


Langalakhe Mabena
Comedian Mai Titi has labelled Leo Brown, the founder of Billy Jeremiah Brown (BJB films), a sexual predator who targets actresses who work for him.

This comes to light after BJB films said they had cut ties with the Zimbabwean entertainer and would no longer be working with her on their much-hyped upcoming film A Life To Regret, because of her unprofessionalism.

“It’s really sad to announce that we had to terminate Mai Titi’s role due to lack of professionalism on set and while living and working with other celebrities as well as the crew. She is being replaced with Angel Mary Kato.

“We love Zimbabweans that’s why we picked someone from that country, but unfortunately we could not continue with her,” wrote BJB films in a press statement.

However, Mai Titi hit back and said she left the production because of sexual harassment by Leo Brown.

She told B-Metro Showbiz that Leo (Brown) was a drug addict and a pervert.
“These are all lies that I was not professional in my duties. I was not ditched. I personally decided to leave the cast because I was sexually harassed by Leo Brown.

“That guy is a drug addict and at most times he directed his frustrations to us (actresses). He is not like what people see him in interviews. He is a sexual pervert.

“He always asked for sexual and monetary favours from me and I denied him. With my rejection, things became tough on me and I decided to quit because I couldn’t excite a pervert at the expense of my status and my body,” said Mai Titi in a telephone interview.

She said the living conditions of the production team were not up to standard.

“We did not stay at the hotel as promised, we stayed in some sort of villa, food was not good there and I had to use my own money to buy food because I couldn’t manage to eat beans everyday,” said Mai Titi.

She said even though she suffered at the hands of men in the acting industry, that would not stop her from realising her dream.

Mai Titi said she was looking forward to strengthening her acting career if other production houses come her way and she would continue fighting for actresses’ rights in the masculine film industry.

The comedienne-cum-actress was not paid for her services by BJB films.

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